Herbal Medicine – Kidney Disorders

Herbal Medicine - Kidney Disorders

Your kidneys’ main function is to filter waste products from your blood and pass them out via your urine. They also work to regulate; fluid balance, electrolytes and pH, assist in red blood cell production and synthesise vitamin D. Effective kidney function is paramount to good health. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the kidneys are considered to be the home of your Qi reserve, it is used not only to support the functioning of your kidneys but also to help boost other organs when their own Qi levels are low. Your kidneys vitality also play a part in your fertility health. If your kidneys are weak they cannot send vital nutrients along the smaller meridians (energy pathways) to your reproductive organs. These are all the reasons why it is important to support and nourish your kidney function.

Signs and Symptoms that your Kidneys may be struggling

  Fluid retention, swelling in your hands or feet

  Puffiness around the eyes in the morning

  Muscle cramps

  Increased blood pressure

  Hearing and ear health issues

  Reduced fertility

  Reduced libido

  Hot flushes / Night Sweats

  Fatigue and Chronic tiredness

  Feeling cold even when other people feel warm

  Dizziness and feeling weak

  Metallic taste in your mouth

  Itchy skin that has a strong odour

  Frequent urination

  Dark coloured and/or frothy urine

Common causes behind reduced kidney function

  Chronic stress or anxiety, “living on adrenalin”

  Poor hydration

  Diabetes – Type 1 or 2 – this is one of the number one causes of kidney disease

  High blood pressure

  Heavy metals or environmental chemical pollutants

  UTI that has spread to your kidneys

  Family history of kidney disease


How can herbal medicine help me?

During your first consultation with me we will look at all your surrounding medical and family history, physical symptoms, emotional/ mental issues, environmental pollutants and diet and lifestyle to assess what has created your kidney function to reduce.

Once I have this information then I will be able to create a treatment plan for you focusing on your areas of imbalance. In some cases, I like to test your hair for heavy metals (HTMA – Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) as if these levels are high they can put a strain on your kidneys. Blood test results from your doctor can provide me with much useful information about how your kidneys are functioning, your fasting insulin levels, blood biochemistry, iron and vitamin D levels.

In cases of treating kidney disorders with herbal medicine my aim is to address the root cause of the issue and also support and revitalise your kidney function. I will go through diet and lifestyle advice with you too to put you on the path of a kidney friendly diet.

Herbal medicine can help to:

  • Support glomerular filtration rates
  • Reduce inflammation in the kidneys
  • Support and nourish the adrenal glands
  • Nourish and calm the nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Tonify the urinary tract
  • Reduce fasting insulin levels and support the pancreas
  • Improve other elimination and detoxification pathways through the liver and bowels

If you would like to discuss how I can help you, 

CALL 0406 628240 or book your appointment today.

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