Herbal Medicine – Thyroid Function Disorders

Herbal Medicine - Thyroid Function Disorders

Your thyroid gland is located at the base of your neck just below your Adam’s apple. It is the cornerstone in regulating your metabolism, heart rate and body temperature. It produces the hormones T4 and T3, the rate of their production is governed by the amount of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) released from the pituitary gland in your brain. When T4 and T3 are at optimum levels they help to maintain you in a state of good health. When these levels become either too high or low you may develop signs and symptoms of either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism respectively.

Common signs and symptoms of Hyperthyroidism



  Difficulty in concentrating

  Hair loss

  Excessive sweating

  Fatigue and muscle weakness

  Difficulty sleeping

  Irregular heart beat

  Menstrual irregularities

Common signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism

  Difficulty losing weight


  Hair loss

  Dry skin, hair and nails

  Enlarged thyroid gland

  Sensitivity to cold

  High cholesterol

  Sexual dysfunction


What is the link between Thyroid Function, Stress and Fertility?

The ovaries, adrenal glands and thyroid are all part of the endocrine system that governs the release of hormones, often working on a negative feedback loop. When one of these glands is either over or under producing its relevant hormone, this can have a domino like effect on the other glands and their hormone production. This shows how although the adrenal glands and thyroid do not directly produce sex hormones their function influences the function of your ovaries thus effecting your fertility health.

How can herbal medicine help my thyroid function?

Herbal medicine along with appropriate diet and lifestyle advice can directly help to regulate your thyroid gland function. When I look at your how your thyroid is working I also take into account your stress levels and nature of your menstrual cycle. Both of these can give insight as to why your thyroid is behaving the way it is. This is why managing your stress levels is important in maintaining healthy thyroid function and good fertility health.

Post pregnancy and menopause are very common times in which to see the thyroid function decrease and symptoms of hypothyroidism can start to manifest. By supporting your ovaries and adrenal glands as well as your thyroid these symptoms may be alleviated.

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