Herbal Medicine – Stress, anxiety and chronic fatigue

Herbal Medicine - Stress, Anxiety & Chronic Fatigue



Life inevitably has periods of stress and your body and mind are designed to cope with this on a short-term basis. When the stress becomes chronic this is when your system may start to suffer. Your body doesn’t distinguish between different types of stress; relationships, work, poor food choices, chronic electro magnetic exposure or chemical toxins in your daily environment. Although each of these forms of stress may affect your bodily systems differently the overall result will be compromised health.

Examples of how stress can affect your organs are;

 A high pressure job often places stress on your adrenal glands due to the amount of adrenalin needing to be produced on a daily basis

 Emotional stress in relationships can have a negative impact on heart health and the adrenal glands if adrenalin is often produced as a result

 Electro magnetic exposure may affect your brain, nervous system and reduce sperm health in men
Chemical toxicity puts strain on your kidneys, liver, brain and reproductive health



Anxiety comes about in a slightly different way to stress. Stress is an external influence that your body is being exposed to. Anxiety is a state of the nervous system where you perceive situations to be more threatening or concerning than they actually are. Although the root of the issue is different to that of stress the affects it has on your mental and physical health are very similar.

Chronic Fatigue

When your long term stress levels are not addressed it may develop into Chronic Fatigue. Previous viral infection including Epstein Barr Virus (glandular fever) is also often seen in the medical history of a chronic fatigue patient. Chronic fatigue often manifests as complete physical collapse of your body as well as imbalances in your brain function that sleep cannot alleviate.

You probably find that you have:

 Extremely low physical energy even after resting
 Muscle pain and/or weakness
 Lowered immune function
 Difficulty in thinking clearly and making decisions
 Low motivation
 Low mood or depression
 Fluctuations in blood pressure and sugar levels


How can herbal medicine help me?

In the case of acute stress and anxiety herbs can produce relatively fast affects by calming and nourishing the nervous system, supporting and tonifying the adrenal glands and protecting the heart from oxidative damage. I have seen fantastic results in some of my patients within a matter of a few days when being treated in the acute stages.

Chronic fatigue often takes time to develop and therefore many of your bodily systems may have become chronically compromised. This does not mean however that herbal medicine cannot help you but that it will be a long term treatment plan. I will discuss with you where the origin of your condition stemmed from and then help to support and tonify these systems. The most common areas to address are your: immune function, nervous system, liver health, adrenal glands and kidney function. Whilst working on the underlying causes I will also help you with symptomatic relief through herbal medicine and diet and lifestyle advice to improve your quality of daily life.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you, 

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