Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Every crystal has its own unique vibration that is able to trigger physical, mental and emotional responses in your body. These effects can work to both pacify and bring unity within you and to also uncover and release stagnant emotions or thought patterns that may be hindering your progression through life. Crystals work wonderfully too to enhance the energy flow through your chakras. They help to shift blockages or draw in energy where needed resulting in a more balanced and smooth flow through these powerful energy centres or portals that run through your centre.


What does a Crystal Healing treatment involve?

Before we begin the crystal healing session I will discuss with you where you are feeling stuck emotionally or spiritually and any physical ailments that you may have. From this I will develop a treatment plan for the session incorporating the appropriate crystals for you and the techniques best used to bring about the changes you need. During the treatment session I may guide you with specific questions or lead you through a visualisation.

Crystal Healing techniques

  • Release emotional, mental and behavioural patterns that you no longer need
  • Draw in a sense of deep relaxation and calm
  • Enable a connection to your spiritual purpose
  • Bring awareness of where the imbalances lie within you that are causing your internal disharmony
  • Balance and restore the energy flow through each of your chakras
You will feel crystals being placed on and around you during the session. I then work with each crystal by channelling Reiki through it and connecting to its energies. I am often able to receive messages and visualisations that are shown to me to pass on to you to help support you through the changes you may need. I end the crystal healing session with a series of grounding techniques. This ensures that no matter how deeply the session travelled you will leave feeling lighter and more connected but also with your feet firmly planted in the present moment. I will discuss with you what I felt and learnt during the session and answer any questions that you may have.

How many sessions will I need to feel a result?

A single crystal healing session is complete in itself and can help you to relax, rebalance and ground yourself. If you are aiming to relieve unwanted thought patterns, behaviours or are simply searching for answers then a series of at least three sessions is recommended. This gives your energetic body time to remove the layers surrounding the core issue at the heart of your concerns. I will usually give you simple techniques to practice at home between your treatment sessions to help the changes progress and to support you through your period of energy shifts.


Crystal Healing Treatment 60 minutes – $100

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