Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine works in synergy with your body to support it and guide it back on to its correct pathways enabling sustained good health to be achieved. In contrast to the “band aid” treatment approach or simply addressing the symptoms only, herbal medicine works in such a way as to address the imbalance at the root of the health issue. By doing this the body eventually can maintain it’s renewed health ideally without needing the use of herbal medicines long term.


Initial Consultation

During the consultation I will go through in-depth questions with you and assess your nails, tongue and skin. This is done to ascertain the current state of your health and to indicate any possible mineral deficiencies and digestive imbalances. After the consultation you will be prescribed a herbal formulation unique to you and your condition, supplements where indicated and provided with diet and lifestyle tips.

Depending on your condition you should start to feel some improvement within the first 2 weeks. However, with chronic conditions changes may take longer to start taking effect. Even if you start to feel better fairly quickly it is important to continue taking your herbs and supplements to maintain their support whilst your body is going through its period of readjustment.

Initial Consultation 90 minutes – $150


Follow-Up Consultation

At the follow-up appointment we will go through your progress and I will reassess how your body is changing and adjust your prescription accordingly. During this time, we will also discuss your diet and any necessary changes that need to be made.

Follow-up Consultation 45-60 minutes -$90

Areas of interest

I am able to assist you with all health concerns and I have a special interest in these areas.

SKYPE consultations are also available for people who are not able to attend the clinic in person.

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