Hi, I'm Nina

BA Western Herbal Medicine, Reiki Master/Teacher, Cert. Crystal Healing,

Cert. Oriental Massage, Cert. Reflexology, Cert, Transformative Meditation Teacher

I grew up in the beautiful English countryside and had a love of and curiosity in plants and how the body worked from a very young age. I used to spend hours in my parent’s garden picking leaves and flowers and mashing them up to make herbal concoctions. I was always curious too about the spirit world and sensing that I could connect to it.

These interests stayed with me until adulthood when I decided to pursue them further. I became qualified in Oriental Massage Therapy and as a Reiki Master/Teacher in Tokyo, Japan in 2001. On returning to the UK in 2005 I trained to be a reflexologist. My passion for learning how to enable the body to heal itself drove me to continue my studies and I attained a BA Western Herbal Medicine at Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia in 2012.

My two energetic boys keep me busy so I understand the challenge of balancing work and family life. To keep myself grounded I practice yoga and meditation and love a good bush walk.

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