Reiki Sessions and Workshops

Reiki Sessions & Workshops

Reiki originates from Japan and was founded by Mikao Usui in the 1920’s. Reiki is the energy that is present all around you and in all living things. It can help you to heal both on a conscious and subconscious level. It is a fantastic tool for binging about states of deep relaxation, increased mental clarity, restoring balance within your physical health and release from emotional blockages and physical pain.

During a treatment you remain fully clothed and relaxed on the table whilst I work as a channel for the Reiki energy. I do both “hands on” and “hands off” work depending on where I feel you need the energy to do its healing work. The most common feelings to experience are enhanced relaxation and a warm fuzzy feeling in the area I am working on. You may also find that your mind calms down from all the chatter, physical pain starts to ease or the emotional blocks or unhealthy emotional cycles you usually experience are released.



Full Body Reiki Treatment 60 minutes – $100
Full Body Reiki Treatment + Oracle Tarot Card Reading 90 minutes – $150

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Reiki Workshops

I also run regular Reiki workshops for Usui System of Natural Healing Levels 1, 2 and Master/ Teacher.

For more information on what each workshop involves and upcoming dates please go to the Events page.

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