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Your breath is such a simple yet effective tool readily available to you and has so many benefits when put to use to its full potential. Breathing techniques, meditation and visualization techniques have long been used as part of healing therapies and also simply to provide the person with more calmness and peace in ones life.

I have been a meditation practitioner for many years and I have experienced countless benefits of meditation and breathing techniques including; relaxation, reduction in anxiety, release of circulating thoughts, clearing of negative thought patterns and gaining insight and clarity into certain life situations.

There are many schools of meditation some of which are linked to certain religious beliefs such as Buddhism and Hinduism. But it is not necessary to follow any religion just believing in yourself is enough and a fantastic place to start your journey.

If the prospect of meditation practice seems overwhelming then breathing techniques can be carried out in the space of a few minutes to as long as you want to carry it on for. Breathing done with mindfulness and intention is powerful enough to help relieve you of stagnant emotions, circulating thought patterns, negative thoughts and past trauma that is being held within you.

When the body and/or mind is in a state of chronic stress this tension is stored within the body and if not released can result in physical health imbalances. Have you ever noticed your breathing when you are stressed or anxious? Usually it is fairly shallow and lacking in those long deep exhalations that calm the nervous system and that are followed by deep inhalations bringing oxygen and fresh blood to all your organs. Lack of oxygen and adequate exhalation creates a build up of carbon dioxide in the body and consequential acidosis. It has been said that cancer cells thrive in an environment that lacks oxygen. You must have heard it been said too that chronic stress is believed to be a possible cause of cancer. The link is starting to become more apparent; breathing, meditation and cancer treatment….. but that’s for another time!

So what’s a simple breathing practice to help calm your mind and shift those unwanted thoughts you’ve been hanging on to? Watch my video below. Enjoy and remember to breathe!

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