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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to often get coughs, colds or stomach bugs and others don’t? Yes having a strong immune system definitely helps but this is not the entire reason.

Think back to the last time you had a cold, cough or stomach upset and remember how you were feeling before your symptoms hit. Probably not that great I expect. Now recall how you felt after you recovered from the illness. Perhaps your sinuses or chest were clearer, your bowel motions were improved, you were less bloated, your skin started to glow or your eyes had regained their sparkle.

Did you know that every organ has a partner?
I’m sure you’ve heard of the Yin – Yang relationship in Chinese philosophy. In Chinese medicine every Yin organ has a Yang organ partner. So when an organ is in a state of imbalance its partner often is experiencing some issues too.

Here are the Yin organs with their Yang partners –

Lung / Large Intestine
Heart / Small Intestine
Kidney / Bladder
Liver / Gall Bladder
Spleen / Stomach
Pericardium / Triple Burner

Why does sickness occur?
The body is innately trying to keep you at its healthiest so that you can live as long as possible. When our systems get clogged we can become “toxic”. Toxicity can impair our overall health and consequently our future state of well-being. When our body realises this the detoxing systems are often triggered. A cold will help to cleanse and clear the sinuses and upper respiratory tract, a cough will cleanse the lungs and a stomach bug will flush the intestines.

Can lack of sleep make me sick?
Let’s not also forget the amazing healing power of sleep. What do we hopefully do a lot of when we are unwell? Sleep. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, pushing yourself too hard or experiencing great amounts of stress you’re most likely becoming sleep or rest deprived. When we ignore the signs our bodies send us to rest eventually your body wins by forcing you to rest due to sickness.

Avoiding Gastro with good gut health
Speaking from personal experience I was thinking how gastro had recently gone through my whole family with me being in charge of cleaning up and doing the care giving. Obviously I was right in the middle of the bacteria or virus that they all had but didn’t get sick, not even the slightest bit of nausea of stomach ache. I then thought how just before this I had changed my diet a little and had self-prescribed some herbs and changed my probiotics. The belief that I wouldn’t get sick I think also greatly contributed. Never underestimate the power of the mind! So my strong gut health had helped me to sail through the gastro bug that “was going around my area” untouched. My gut hadn’t needed detoxing.

How can I prevent myself from getting sick?
This is an important question and one I often get asked. Understanding the principle of why we get sick helps us to prevent getting sick. So keep your sinuses, lungs and bowels clear and functioning optimally.

By addressing food intolerances through hair testing (available through our clinic) you can greatly reduce the over production of mucous in the upper respiratory tract and lungs. This helps keep them clear and without the need for a cleansing cold. Avoiding processed foods and diets high in carbohydrates will lessen the chance of excess mucous production.

When there is a build up of mucous using a neti pot daily can really help to cleanse the nasal passages.

Again by only eating and drinking foods that are compatible to you your gut health will be at its optimum. Being free of inflammation is one of the biggest factors to good gut health, that and keeping the bowels moving daily. Having the ideal balance of good gut bacteria through pre and probiotics will keep your intestines balanced and also without the need for a cleansing tummy bug. Did you know that a large proportion of your lymphatic system is in your gut?

For personalised treatment to address boosting your immunity, respiratory or gut health please CALL 0406 628240.

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